Kachoolie Compliant

Kachoolie Compliant offers a robust yet easy-to-use system with a full feature set saving you time, money and risk of fines.

Simplicity, Efficiency and Savings with Kachoolie Compliant.

Managing regulatory compliance for fuel sites grows increasingly complex as your business expands. The more facilities you are responsible for, the harder it becomes to efficiently oversee all critical tasks like site inspections, leak detection, and report and alarm management while staying on top of new rules and regulations across multiple jurisdictions. Mistakes and missed deadlines become costlier too, with hefty fines, unnecessary tank tests and site shutdowns that could have been avoided.

As you grow, so does the target on your back from regulatory agencies and authorities. With more sites comes more attention and potential oversight into your operations. 

That's where Kachoolie Compliant can relieve some of that pressure. Our compliance management system can relieve the risk, stress and target from regulatory authorities out of your compliance needs, so you can focus on core operations with peace of mind.

How is Kachoolie Compliant different? We built it from the bottom up. It’s designed based on real use cases and user requirements. We talked to people who deal with site compliance every day, and spent time developing and refining our service to exceed the needs of those requiring and executing compliance services.

Kachoolie Compliant's efficiency is powered by our lightning fast cloud-based platform. Paired with Kachoolie Core or TCP, we adhere to the continuous alarm monitoring criteria required and protect your tank gauge from being non-compliant. There is no better total system available.
Ensuring regulatory compliance need not be complex or costly. Whether you manage your own sites or provide a compliance service, contact us to explore compliance management solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Why Kachoolie Compliant?

Cloud-based records and archiving

Paperless recordkeeping - snap a photo and upload documents directly from your mobile device. Automatically archive critical reports and inspection findings and access them remotely, from anywhere.

Real-time alarm management

Stay ahead of compliance deadlines with continuous alarm monitoring and instant notifications. Active alarm lists provide clear visibility across all sites from one dashboard, so you don't miss a thing.

Built-in inventory reconciliation

Skip expensive add-ons to your tank gauge. Kachoolie's intuitive BIR reports are generated on demand or automatically - it's that simple with our integrated reporting tools.

Configuration tracking and recovery

Kachoolie archives and notifies you of all tank gauge settings changes. Track, manage and restore changes to tank gauge configurations to stay compliant.

Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting

Leverage the full capabilities of your tank gauge with on-demand diagnostics. Troubleshoot and solve issues remotely -say goodbye to wasted time and expensive site visits.

Compliance-linked work orders

Connect your CMMS or use our built-in work order system to link to failed tests or alarms and track correction activities. Technicians receive relevant diagnostic data and documentation easily traces back to to the original compliance event for simple auditing.

Kachoolie Compliant

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