Kachoolie Core

Kachoolie Core supports all ATGs and offers an 'install and forget' simplicity, removing infrastructure maintenance headaches, giving you real-time data and inventory management.

Cost effective

Kachoolie's patented service includes all necessary hardware with no hidden or extra costs ensuring you get the lowest price with the highest quality service.

Highest availability

Unlike other solutions, our reliable system is a fully managed hardware and software service. Our advanced diagnostics help pin-point and resolve problems quickly.

Fully compatible

Kachoolie is built to work with what you already have, connecting seamlessly with any tank gauge (even older models) and any fuel management software. 

No cost installation

Everything for plug and play installation is provided and can be done by anyone in 30 minutes. No compromising station security or internet service upgrades!

Real-time data 

Inventory is updated every 30 seconds allowing you to forecast accurately to prevent runouts, optimize fuel delivery, and detect fuel theft. 

Advanced security

Kachoolie ensures secure communication out of the box without complex external firewalls, expensive VPNs or onsite tank gauge configuration.

Kachoolie Core features

Remote inventory management

Kachoolie's real-time inventory updates give you full visibility so you're never flying blind on fuel levels again - no more runouts or overfills. Optimized decisions are just a click away with Kachoolie. 

Alarms monitoring

Respond to alarms in real time from anywhere. Kachoolie's alerts save you from crises and help maximize efficiency with each delivery, while alarm history analysis helps drive improved decision-making. 

Intelligent deliveries

Kachoolie's user friendly dispatching prioritizes stations needing fuel most to maximize your fleet. Detailed delivery reporting then shows opportunities to optimize routes and track metrics. 

Advanced forecasting

Visual forecasting tools help proactively plan for stations’ needs. Behavior analysis assists with ordering the right amounts and improving business and revenue accuracy.

Unlimited remote user access

Web-app access to Kachoolie dashboards keeps inventory available on any device. No limit on multiple user logins - grant secure views for dispatch, stores and haulers.

All sites, one dashboard

Centrally track KPIs, sales and inventory levels across your entire portfolio with a bird's-eye view of all sites on the ultimate command center. Quickly analyze trends, spot issues and scale successes everywhere from a single login. 

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Kachoolie Core 

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