Tank Gauge Vulnerability Test

Cyber attacks have progressed from credit card theft to malicious attacks including attacks on national energy resources. While an attack on a single gas station is unlikely, an attack on a group of hundreds of vulnerable tank gauges is possible and likely.

Installing a polled TCP/IP interface on an ATG that uses an unsecured Internet connection opens a gas station to Cyber Attacks. The attacks can cause damage and disruption to the station and its operations. The installation creates potential liability for damages for those who create these vulnerabilities, and adds risk to the National Energy supply.

This test checks the vulnerability of a tank gauge that is connected to the Internet using a Gilbarco/Veeder Root TCP/IP card or a TCP/IP to serial converter such as those commonly available from Digi or Lantronix.

The test is not intrusive, makes no changes in the gauge and will not block access to the gauge.

By providing the IP address or DNS name you are agreeing that you have permission to attempt to access the gauge and you are providing us with permission to perform the test.

We will not store the IP address or DNS name. It will be used solely to perform the test.

If you want to test many gauges, please email the list of addresses to test@kachoolie.com

Please enter the gauge’s IP address and port number if its not 10001. You may enter a name such as mygauge.dyndns.org instead of the IP address.

IP address (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) or name: Port: