Kachoolie is a division of BostonBase Inc., founded by Jack Chadowitz in 2002. Now in its second decade of service, Boston Base Inc. applies Internet technology and integrated software to monitor and manage remote locations, specializing in the fuel/convenience store business.
Jack Chadowitz is known worldwide for his research into tank gauge Cyber vulnerabilities and presented a paper on the topic at ICS CyberTech 2015.
Kachoolie is patented technology used to Internet enable and secure Internet connected devices and their environment against Cyber Attacks.
Kachoolie was initially created in 2014 as a low cost solution for communicating SECURELY with Automatic Tank Gauges (ATGs) over any Internet connection without the need for a Network and Tank Gauge Technician.  Installation is truly “Plug and Play”.
Kachoolie Technology is available for any devices that require secure remote access using the Internet.


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