Troubleshooting Communication Issues

This trouble shooting guide explains how to solve problems when the Kachoolie cannot communicate via the site’s Internet connection. This guide applies to the Kachoolie versions which use a hardwired Ethernet connection, not a Wifi connection.

Kachoolie requires a working Internet connection at the site via an Ethernet cable to an Internet connected router or switch/hub or a WiFi connection.

Occasionally the Kachoolie’s Internet communication will fail. This is typically due to power failures or problems with the cable or router. This guide in pdf format  provides detailed trouble shooting Internet connection problems.

For a quick solution for the Ethernet cable connected Kachoolie follow these steps:

1. Shut down the Kachoolie. For the TLS350 board type push and hold the black button in front of the Internet cable socket until the blue lights stop flashing. If the blue lights are not flashing, the Kachoolie is already shut down. For the blue box version, remove the power plug.

2. Power cycle the router, switch or hub that is connected to the Kachoolie. If the Kachoolie is connected to the router via a switch or hub, power cycle the router as well. Switches, hubs and routers can be power cycled by removing the power, waiting 5 seconds then restoring the power.

3. Power up the Kachoolie. For the TLS350 board type, push and hold the black button for about 2 second. For the box type, restore the power.

Reasons why communication stops.

1. Power dip that causes the router to restart but not the gauge. The Kachoolie uses the previous IP address and the router does not provide a new IP address.

2. The cable to the Kachoolie is moved to a different port without power cycling the router and Kachoolie. The router associates a mac address to a hardware port which “sticks” until the router is power cycled.

3. The cable is disconnected permanently or temporarly.

4. Someone decides to disable DHCP in the router.

5. Someone decided to disable outgoing ports.

6. The ISP provides a modem with router and disables DHCP and or outgoing ports.

The quick solution above will solve reasons 1 and 2.

Kachoolie Cloud shows exactly when the communication stops. This often correlates with power problems or technician visits that are often the cause of the problem.