Costs and ROI

Monitoring fuel inventory and managing deliveries is mandatory to eliminate the inefficiencies and mistakes that silently erode profits.

Real Time fuel inventory and accurately forecasting delivery arrival, is crucial for creating the delivery schedules that :

  • Maximize the use of limited hauling resources.
  • Prevent “No-fits”, “Run Outs”, “Spills”, and delivery mistakes.
  • Manage “Splits” and minimize freight charges.
  • Avoid costly accounting corrections, audits and fines.
  • Allow dispatchers to concentrate on scheduling loads to maximize profits instead of spending their time calling stores for inventory information.
  • Create goodwill with station owners and managers.

A typical gross margin of 2 cents per gallon on an 8,000 gallon load gives only a $160 gross margin.

A technician visit to reconfigure a router, $300-$400 – Profit on 2 loads! (Kachoolie does not need router configuration.)

Against this margin goes the expenses of paying a supplier invoice, billing and collecting from the customer, managing the dispatching, ensuring the correct pricing, calculating and paying taxes,  defending tax audits and the cost of credit.

A single mistake in dispatching or a tank gauge communications breakdown easily turns the profit to a loss!

Our successful Fuel Supplier customers reaping the intangible befits of Kachoolie. They are building customer loyalty by providing their customers with  environmental compliance reporting and other  benefits included with Kachoolie. They have taken over the paternal role once provided by the major Oil Companies. These customers use Kachoolie to acquire and keep their customers at no extra cost to themselves.

In addition, with Kachoolie, fuel suppliers avoid risks and liabilities of creating Cyber Attack vulnerabilities and disrupting operations at their customer stations.